Join Sally on her campaign to be on the Hillsborough County School Board for District 2!



Safety is our number one issue for all our Students and Schools.

As a board member, it is my responsibility to make sure the district is advocating for our students in Tallahassee to be less tolerant of crime and victimization.  We must have a zero tolerance.  We must be vigilant to student behaviors that possess a serious threat to school safety. We need to educate our students, faculty and staff to not only be on the lookout for but also report signs of gang related activities to authorities. Schools are a place for safe learning. We need to work with Legislators to reinstate our Safety Schools funding which was taken away from school districts a few years ago.

We reinforce “See something, say something” with our students and staff.

All our schools have access controls, secure perimeters, and locked gates.  I will continue to monitor staff to make sure these Safety things are in place.


As a board member, I need to be aware of changes in our discipline policy, yet make sure our teachers are supported while dealing with difficult students who struggle to control their behaviors and become threatening to others.

Teacher and Support Staff Pay

As a district that has had serious financial struggles from the previous administration, it is our desire to work toward increasing teacher and staff’s salaries.  As the budget becomes balanced and stable, I expect to see this improve in the next two years.  Together we can find a new pay scale that can be established and sustainable.

Highly Effective Teachers

It is my goal to make sure the district has Highly Effective Teachers in each classroom teaching our students daily.